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    Bilingual Employment and Training Resources.

    This guide is aimed primarily at bilingual refugees and migrants interested in finding out about the world of bilingual work. It will focus on different bilingual based training courses, and provides detailed information on accreditation programmes that will kick start your bilingual career. It also contains information around which bilingual roles are available and aims to give you an understanding of what is involved, and the possible routes you could take to access them.

    Before embarking on a career in bilingual work:

    Bear in mind:
    The demand for bilingual skills varies greatly from language to language, and the language you speak will, in many cases determine the type of work you can get.

    Be Realistic:
    For example, a Pashto speaker is more likely to find interpretation work in the public sector (e.g. NHS) than as a translator of technical documents. Before deciding on which path you wish to take, research the demand for your language within your chosen field and the geographic area you wish to work.

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    Public Service Interpreting

    Bilingual Health Advocate

    Bilingual Classroom Assistant

    Bilingual Outreach Worker

    Bilingual Maternity Support

    Translator for the public

    Bilingual Secretary

    Public Service Interpreting
    Your Long Term Goal

    Your Long Term Goal

    Whether you wish to pursue interpreting as a full time career and work towards gaining higher level qualifications such as the DPSI, or whether your using interpreting as a ‘in-between phase’; a way to making money for further studies, or just looking for work to match your professional background. Whatever your reasons maybe, bilingual work can act as work experience to help you progress in your chosen career. For example, a bilingual teaching assistant in the UK, with accredited qualifications, would be more likely to be employed with the education sector, as opposed to someone unaccredited.

    Looking for a translation job or work and become a professional translator or interpreter